¿Does your brand has a personality?

“Each brand has their own magic that makes it unique and special, or that is the idea to get an audience related to their brand.”

A company always going to have a personality, wether be by own creation or because an audience build it. Certainly, it is much better that the company built it itself to be according on it's values and principies.

Companies has to be on that aspect as a human, that creates empathy with their audience, and for it also has to study the market where they move. That is the main idea, the brand has to create emotions on people and this has to feel related.

This is a great way of interaction, with this, at the end, the company can feel supported on their clients and promote or give them what they want. It is clear that the company has to adapt to their audience, but has to take present that it's personality must be unique among the competitors, making a difference among brands. If it can get a good personality to the company, it can reach a good positioning and people can be more related to the product or services of the brand.

The brand in order to create it's personality must have precise elements that relate the brand with feelings and thougts. In many articles it is mentioned different kinds of personalities. According to Carl Gustav Jung it is known 12 archetypes that are the base of a personality study for the brand:

1. The Inocent: This brand wants to prove familiarity, kindness, it's a brand that trust in itself.

2. The Common Man: This brand wants a simple solution to a common needs.

3. The Explorer: It is the brand that has an adventure and risk sense.

4. The Wiseman: It is a brand that has the latest news on innovation, shows wisdom and technology.

5. The Hero: It is a brand that shows victory and always has to be the winner.

6. The Outlaw: It is a brand different to the rest, wants to go out limits.

7. The Magician: It is a company that shows trust and charisma.

8. The Lover: It is a company that shows sensuality and attraction.

9. The Joker: It is a company funny and hilarious.

10. The Caretaker: It is a company that protect , shows paternalism.

11. The Creator: Are companies that create unique and innovators things, wants to help to make great feats.

12. The Governor: At least, the governor is a company that wants to show exclusivity and the will of power. These personalities are just the bases to create a unique personality that be reliable and can get to a public that wants to be part of the brand.

Miguel Castillo