We focus on the capture and data visualization processes to make easier the way of taking decissions of our clients, we know that a good data visualization gives a better shape to our services, that is why we invest on tools and methods that brings us the innovation required to get into the market


How we create

great interactions

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Human Talent

An important item to build GREAT INTERACTIONS is create teams maded to fulfill our clients needs.

Finding the rigth people to fit on the BRM vision and the purpose of our clients.

The skills we look for must have the ability, knowledge and best attitude, that is a reflex of the desire to take every opportunity generated on the GREAT INTERACTIONS.

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We have created three types of methodologies to work hand to hand with our clients: Assembly, operation and support.

Each one of them , helps us to manage in a better way the hired services to be always above the agree standard, on the right time, with the best quality and under a structure of low costs, efficient for both parts.


Focus on identify the business needs, the industry and the audiences that we are looking for, contact and structure the operation on a efficient, stable and competitive way.


Design to monitorize the operation on real time, what makes us reach an efficience level and get objectives, controlling matters of time and costs.


Build to improve transversely and in a continuous way the operations that we have activated on different industries and countries.



On BRM we understand that tools are the way toward efficiency in processes and the base to escalate an operation.

We manage relationships with third ones through alliances, to get access on better tools of world class and manage those licenses in order to offer to our client´s brands the perfect mix to fill their business needs.


offices in:


operations in:

Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, México and Miami.