REXONA my move


The Problem:

Unilever created and made the coyright of their protection and smell capsules called Motionsense, an integrated technology on the Rexona Deodorants at a world wide level. Despite of being a great innovation recorded on the labels of the product, costumers don't understand it's truly power, advantages and how it works.

The Great Interaction:

Through the Dynamic videos (VOGON) the idea was trying to reinforce the message of "Only Rexona set free extra protection with every movement" answering the search of : Sports, music-dance, how to doe's and right times, where makes clear that every action requires a movement, that is why Rexona exist.

The Results:

Every search launch a video related with the key word. Interest on Rexona brand got increase on 15 % (Vs Q2) reaching it's peak during september. Terms related with "Clinical" get increased on 67 % during the same month in comparison with the month before. The searches of the term "Rexona Clinical Man" got increase on 41 % and according to a SBL research, the Brand Lifting was 18 %.

Miguel Castillo