The Problem:

The most important soccer event was arriving and every brand wanted to participate and take control of communication. They were looking for hack the World Cup. Everyone but us Rexona wanted something much more important: Hack what moves the fans, their heart.

The Great Interaction:

We found a great data, something that no one had or at least they haven't take care; the heart of the fans pulse ´till 215 % harder than the same players. Then connect with the heart of the fans was the priority, to finally understand the emotions this sport generated. We create the Rexona Pulse index room, where we report on real time, the pulse of different celebrities and influencers on the Soccer field. We also create a powerful hashtag #HinchasQueNoAbandonan.

The Results:

  • We broadcast the pulse of 31 people.

  • We had 46.165 mentions on the Hashtag.

  • We were trending topic 3 times.

  • We got a 10 % on sales.

  • We reach their pulses to another level broadcasting live games on Virtual reality.

  • We beat the semifinal with the Tino Asprilla.

Miguel Castillo