AVIANCA Futbol Room

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The Problem:

During the Rusia World Cup 2018, not just the national teams were competitors. The brands enter to play a very important role with it's communication, adding to an event where in many cases they were not even sponsors the obstacle to face the FIFA restrictions.

The Great Interaction:

We created the Avianca Futbol Room, a specialized place with expert strategist that formed a team created to generate the best content during the Rusia 2018 World Cup , facing 24/7 many obstacles on the event, our team got victorious generating all kind of communications on different types, making a full cover of this event.

The Results:

  • 1.678 contents.

  • 63 % of positive feeling toward the brand.

  • 12 % increase on tickets sales.

  • 2.6 millions of chats monitorized.

  • 13,86 % total engagement rate.

Miguel Castillo