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The Problem:

On the second semester of 2017, Colombia and Avianca have to get over 51 days of the longest pilots strike that a commercial airline around the world has faced. Avianca on the middle of cancelled and delayed flights, it stood with the challenge to serve and answer the doubts of clients on social media, besides of other attention places, while it was improving, getting stronger and rebuilding the image of their brand.

The Great Interaction:

Digital content and social care iniciatives were the solution to help prevent that the public opinion fell into misinformation and simpatize with the syndicate in action, witch would damage not just the image of the brand but the sostenibilty of the service during the contingency time. Avianca made possible answer all the questions of the clients through social network and other contact points with no interruptions, (but the interactions during the strike was six times bigger than the usual reaching 300k by month), this way improve, get strong, and rebuilt the image of the brand. It was Generate 16.000 digital content that went to explain how the strike involved 700 pilots but at the same time 21.300 remain employees started to minimize the crisis and gave the best possible service .

The Results:

  • 16.000 digital contents to inform about the status of flights and the evolution of the strike.

  • #YoNoParo became organic trend.

  • 842.293 interactions on content.

  • 61 millions of impressions.

  • 41 millions of people reached.

  • 80 % of 50 millions of interactions related to the strike were positive or neutral towards the company.

Miguel Castillo